We knew that before you bought that stupid ass shirt.

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i photoshopped luke skywalker into a depression den and he doesn’t even look out of place

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Me: baby wanna sexy role play
My bf: yes god., what are we role playing
Me: You’re living in a damp basement warehouse somewhere in Silicon Valley getting siphoned money from Russia to develop new intelligence technologies and I’m you’re ai you built in your image causing you a moral crisis about having developed a deep attachment to and lay awake in bed wondering if something inside you programmed me to love you because you are so lonely and misunderstood by other tech people because you like talking heads. I don’t have body or a voice yet. I’m a mass of code and binary. And you’re about to fuck me.

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please watch this video of Tay Zonday streaming Team Fortress 2 for the first time. just watch the first 45 seconds then skip to literally anywhere else beyond that point in the video

Every now and then someone starts this trending again and the wave of notes reminds me that it is still my favourite video on the Internet

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And then to overcome the problem of coincidence of wants we could invent money.  And some people could use the money to reinvest in their gardens to make them more efficient and productive by purchasing fertilizer or a sprinkler system or tools.  And people could leverage their future production by borrowing money from lenders to buy more land and expand their farms.  Then we could divide labor so some people could specialize in certain areas and become super efficient experts in their fields.

Most people on this site make their living drawing cartoons of anthropomorphized animals fucking eachother.

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